Get Better Sleep: 7 Tips For A Restful Night’s Sleep With Pro Tip

Hey there, Tired of flipping back and forth all night, unable to get in a Better Sleep ? You’re not alone.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 45 % of Americans claim that poor or insufficient sleep has a negative effect on their daily lives. Sleep deprivation is linked to a number of illnesses including obesity and moodiness. It also adversely affects productivity.

Sleep Well Tips

Not getting a good night of sleep? No sweat. Here are a few tips for sleeping well, and waking up feeling refreshed.

Create A Cozy Sleep Cave

Yet have you heard about a sleep temple?
So, you wallet the bedroom’s title. Comfort investing: Time to invest in soft sheets and pillows with substance. Just don’t forget about dimmable lights too!
Give your room the shout, ‘Mace of relaxation!’

Stick to a Sleep Schedule

The body’s most beloved rite is:

It’s bedtime.

Knack the rest hammock and get up at precisely consistent time daily, weekends along. It’s good to train your own internal circadian rhythms.

Consistency is the key point, and I say this a lot in my class at night: You should study like it was 10 p.m., do every day tasks as if they could happen before noon tomorrow — because training becomes routine after you are prepared for success during such time points

Sleep well
Better Sleep

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Banish The Blue Light

All of us have succumbed to the smartphone scroll trap before bed.

Newsflash-it disrupts your sleep hormones! If you can, turn off your screens an hour before going to bed.

Exchange the digital glow for an old-fashioned book or some relaxing music.
bedtime coffee
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Love Your Coffee?

Me too!
But here’s the deal: Cut off the caffeine flow at least six hours before bedtime.
So it gives your body time to say goodbye to the buzz.

Move Your Body

Exercise is not limited to the daytime.

A little daytime activity will help you catch more Zs at night.

Try to get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise most days–your sleep will be the beneficiary.

Mind The Midnight Munchies

Late-night snacks may be attractive, but heavy food after 8 p.m. can make for a restless night’s sleep.

If hunger strikes, go for a light snack.
Save the heavy-duty munching until afternoon time comes around.

deep breathing

Chill Out Before Bed

Wait a minute before diving under the covers.

Try some relaxation methods such as deep breathing or gentle yoga.
It tells your brain it’s time to slow down.

PRO TIP – Asana For Better Sleep

Salabhasana is entered from a prone position. The legs are stretched out straight and lifted; the arms are stretched straight back, palms down, and lifted; the head is lifted and the gaze is directed straight ahead.

Better Sleep Asana
Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

It is a back bend, or spine stretch, utilizing the strength of the upper and middle back to lift the weight of the legs as high as possible from a starting position while face down on the floor. It improves flexibility and coordination, exercises the back muscles, and increases strength and stamina (There are various Asana for better sleep, This is just one of them)

Freekiadvice Summary For You For Getting Better Sleep

Our physical and mental health rely on getting enough sleep. If you remember these pointers, then your quality of sleep should increase and in the morning you’ll awake feeling rested. 
Also, let’s not forget: Establish a bedtime routine for getting ready to sleep. Create an ideally comfortable environment in which you can get quality sleep by keeping the room dark, quiet and cool; limit technology use before going to bed (ideally 1 hour); invest money into buying good mattresses & pillows that will last ten years so they don’t go bad on But if you have a baby, get yourself a bassinet and prepare for sleep routine regression. 
These tips will soon have you sleeping like a baby.

Always keep in mind that the quantity of your sleep is only one part, it’s all about quality. Sweet dreams, sleepyheads!

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